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Shoddy SEOs may you burn in hell!!!!

Before going into this we have to somewhat define SEO or at least have some uniform description where the majority agrees. Search engine optimisation is the process in which you optimise your site to gain rankings in the search engines for your chosen keywords. This involves performing on and off site work like dealing with  [ Read More ]

Google testing SERP’s page?

I have just noticed when searching Google the width seems to have been reduced however my colleagues don’t seem to have the same effect. I have tried this with being signed in and out and still get the same result. Also thought it might have something to do with the zoom function in the browser  [ Read More ]

Adwords Trademark Policy Update

Google have announced that as of 14.09.10, keywords that were restricted due to trademark infringement will no longer remain restricted in the UK and most European countries. Countries included in this are * Austria * Belgium * Bulgaria * Bouvet Island * Switzerland * Cyprus * Czech Republic * Germany * Denmark * Spain *  [ Read More ]

Blekko a new search engine for SEOs

I just received an invite today from http://blekko.com/ to be part of the beta testing for their new search engine. You might be thinking ‘new search engine’ it’s not going to work as it is trying to go head to with the giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Blekko is taking a different approach to  [ Read More ]

Back to basics on page SEO

As this is officially my first post on Mystery SEO Rankings I thought I would keep it simple and reiterate some basic on page SEO factors. Page titles: Appears in: SERPS and Browser header bar Page titles are an extremely important part of SEO, imagine the SERPs as a tabbed filing system the title is  [ Read More ]

Hello to the SEO world!!!

Welcome to Mystery SEO Rankings This blog is intended to keep up to date with the latest search engine news for SEOs, internet marketers and anyone who just wants to learn. I am an experienced SEO consultant based in Manchester and hope keep this up to date with some interesting resources for anyone in the  [ Read More ]