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I just received an invite today from to be part of the beta testing for their new search engine. You might be thinking ‘new search engine’ it’s not going to work as it is trying to go head to with the giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Blekko is taking a different approach to the web and is not putting itself in direct competition with the search giants Google etc.

Blekko is out to make unique searches possible using what they call slashtags. Slashtags allows you to search only sites you want for a number of things like video games on

You could also quite easily search for opinions on different matters in the world i.e.

iraq war /liberal
iraq war /conservative

All that said I am still to get to the point of how this new search engine is for SEOs. Well take a random URL for example (I’ll use

After clicking the resulting page will look like so:

As you can see there are a whole host features / tools available for your use. You can check links, link distribution, anchor, page source and much more. Bear in mind it is really early for this tool and we still have to question its reliability but I think I can safely say this easily included in my arsenal of SEO tools.

A particularly impressive part of the tool is the visualize URLs section which allows you to place in your own against say 3 of your competitors and see your performance graphed on a number of factors. For example in the screenshot below I have compared Play, Amazon and HMV. Look at the pretty little graphs you get

If you want an invite to the beta testing tool then visit the site and direct message them on twitter.

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